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Your Questions Answered

  • Do you provide a superbill for reimbursement?
    No. I do not provide a superbill.
  • Are your consultations free?
    Yes. I provide a free 15 minute consultation.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    No. I do not accept insurance because I am an Out of Network Provider.
  • What is your fee?
    My fee is $250 for Individual Therapy and $275 for Couples Therapy
  • What is Holistic Coaching
    Holistic Coaching takes approach that helps you come up with goals to help your mind, body, and soul.
  • What is Individual Therapy?
    Individual Therapy is is a form of psychotherapy that is one on one therapy. It can help you work with a therapist on issues that you are struggling with or want to improve in your life. In individual therapy you process things with your therapist. Some examples include (trauma, social anxiety, life transitions, intimacy, grief, and self improvement).
  • What is Child and Adolescent Therapy?
    Child and Adolescent Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that offers children and adolescents the opportunity to connect with a therapist to discuss, identify, and understand their specific issues that they are facing. It may include play therapy, learning coping skills, and psycho-education.
  • What is Couples Therapy?
    Couples Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help you and your partner improve your relationship. Couples therapy can help you and your partner address communication, intimacy, and financial issues. Couple's therapy can also help you and your partner repair past injuries in your relationship.
  • What is Sex Therapy?
    Sex Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps individual and couples work through their sexual challenges , intimacy concerns, and improve their overall sexual satisfaction. Sex therapy addresses medical, psychological, personal and interpersonal factors impacting sexual satisfaction. Sex therapy may benefit anyone who wants to improve their relationship with guilt, shame, sex, and pleasure. Sex therapists can work with people who are lgbtqia+, non-magomous, poly-amorous, kink, bdsm, and swingers. Sex therapy is designed to help people move past physical and emotional limitations and challenges to help individuals have a more satisfying relationship and pleasurable sex life.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I offer some sliding scale rates for my practice.

How long is a therapy session?

Each session is 50 minutes. The length of treatment is based on  individual client needs.

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