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Infinitely Individual: The Couple Jewelry Sets. ITS MAGIC AND HISTORY

This design makes even high-carat stones look more spectacular and creates the illusion of "sparkling volume". Halo rings are the most popular engagement ring type after the solitaire. Learn about the characteristics of a Halo Ring, which variations are available, and why they are so popular.

Origin and Popularity The halo ring's origins and popularity!

The term "halo" is of ancient Greek origin. The word halo (alos/alon-halos/halon) meaning "halo of lights", describes various phenomena that cover or reflect an object. The halo ring gets its name from this.

What is a halo ring?

Halo rings first came to prominence in the 1920s, during the heyday of Art Deco.

The original halo ring features a clear diamond in the middle, either brilliant or round cut, and the frame is set by a row of small round diamonds, the refraction of which makes the central stone appear larger and more sparkling. The white gold band is polished to a high gloss smooth, or set with clear diamonds. A quarter-carat diamond ring can look more impressive, whereas the multicarat ring is pure luxury. It's no wonder that a ring of this style has always been so popular for engagements. But there's a reason behind it.

In the dazzling light of the halo

The halo ring was made in a variety of variations, even during the Art Deco period. It could begin with the "halo" itself, i.e. The frame. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and emeralds were also utilized. Stones cut in squares and round stones were very popular. What about the central stone? This was sometimes substituted with a masterfully crafted pave, i.e. A stone-tostone setting using numerous small diamonds of the same cut.

Vintage engagement rings inspire couples and jewelers to the present day. The second reason for the acclaim of the halo rings used as engagement rings is that they offer unlimited possibilities for modification.

Halo rings today

Halo designs today may be inspired by Art Deco, replicas of the period, or completely original. There are a lot of options for anyone looking to design their own halo engagement rings.

The principal stone

Real or synthetic, transparent or colored How would you like your diamond? There are a myriad of options since colored gemstones look beautiful in halo-style designs, whether it's a sapphire or tanzanite or ruby, or the emerald. A diamond cluster and a pave central are also possible. You can get a higher carat count at a lower price by opting for pave as an option.

The cut

The round cut and the brilliant cut are the most recognizable elements of the halo design which relies on perfect symmetry.

The princess cut is an excellent option for design halo. Halo engagement rings are offered with a central stone cut in the shape of an oval or emerald.

The color of the halo... the matter of personal preference. The ability to create halos is achieved using tone-on-tone or using stark or soft contrasts.

High-contrast - colorless diamond halo of rubies

Royal - central sapphire with an band of diamonds

Tone-on-tone - pink diamond, halo of pink sapphires

You can choose to cut the halo stones round or square depending on the desired outcome.

The number of halos

It's not the end of the road for royalty, VIPs, and even stars. A single halo doesn't suggest the end of the line. Double and triple halos composed of colored gemstones and diamonds are technically possible as long as the option fits within your budget and harmonises with the desired appearance and size of the ring.

The ring band

Should the halo come from gold or platinum? With the ring band, you can enjoy even more design options.

The choice of precious metal, along with the style of the ring band (high gloss matte, matte or without gemstones) is vital. There are also practical reasons for choosing the metal color. A white band for a ring, for instance, emphasizes the clear color (or the high transparency) of the main stone. Likewise, yellow gold is able to hide this flaw by incorporating not completely pure diamonds.

Of course an engagement ring with a halo must also match the couple's wedding rings or wedding bands.

Is a Halo ring the same as an Engagement Ring? The "Halo Engagement Ring" is not a formula. Although it is a popular choice as an engagement ring, a halo ring is obviously a stunning piece of jewelry in itself it is a great choice for all kinds of occasions. The halo ring can be highly customizable, and can also be made more colorful and playful. Semi-precious gems such as peridots and topazes or even zirconia are all options.


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