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The healing power of music

Music is very powerful. Some people have certain songs that they listen to when they are feeling happy, sad, or angry. Music has the power to take you back in time. There is some nostalgia that comes with certain songs. I for one know that nineties hip hop and rhythm and blues is where I go to reminiscence. Music is so powerful that it connects people from all over the world. Music is a way that we can connect and understand our fellow human being. When meeting someone new an cultivating a relationship it is a common curiosity to know what type of music this person listens to.

What are your favorite songs? Who are your favorite artists? What are your best memories connected to music? I'm sure that some of you reading this took a step back in time. The feelings that come up when thinking about music and how it has impacted your life is astounding. Just remember how much the power of music has played a role in your life journey. I encourage you to open up to those in your life about the ways that music has been healing for you.

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